Beijing city bus line real-time can be included, including fast direct access line

This year the bus group will update 2390 new energy buses according to the bus group
(Reporter Huang Hailei) Yesterday, the reporter learned from the bus group, as of now, the city of Beijing 833 bus lines have all been real-time mobile phone station status query. Even if there is no electronic stop sign, mobile phone users can always understand when the next bus when the station. According to the bus group, in September 2014, the Beijing Public Transport Group launched the "bus e road through" real-time bus information query software, the first 34 night shift line to achieve real-time query. The public use of mobile phone software, you can query the entire bus line in the location of each bus, of course, when the next trip to the problem through the phone can be resolved. It is understood that, in addition to query real-time arrival information, the software also has a station to remind, line collection, data synchronization and other three functions to facilitate passenger travel. Last year in September, Beijing more than 500 bus lines to achieve real-time station to check. According to the bus group, as of now, the bus station real-time check line has reached 833, urban bus lines, fast direct line, tourist routes have been fully covered. Relevant person in charge said that at present, although there is no electronic license plate, but the mobile phone users can keep abreast of the next bus when the station, opened the bus information innovation service new milestone. This year the bus group will update 2390 new energy bus According to the bus group, in order to improve and optimize the bus structure, increase the proportion of new energy and clean energy vehicles, this year the bus group will update the bus 2700, of which the new energy Driving vehicles 2390, ultra-low emissions of Euro VI diesel vehicles 310, electric vehicles accounted for 81% of the total purchase. It is understood that the bus group last year out of the bus 2306 and updated for the green bus, including new energy electric vehicle 1368, clean energy vehicles (CNG, LNG) 487, ultra low emission Euro VI diesel vehicles 451. In addition, last year also 8066 countries four countries five diesel bus to complete the transformation, cycling to achieve 60% reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions, is expected to reduce annual emissions of 2800 tons of nitrogen oxides. According to the reporter to understand, at present, Beijing has more than 20,000 vehicles, new energy vehicles accounted for less than 10%.

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