South China Agricultural University, a student dormitory fire no cause of injury to be investigated

No casualties to be investigated for students told reporters
(Reporter Zhou Weilong) 5 o'clock the day before yesterday, South China Agricultural University Wushan campus a student dormitory sudden fire, the scene is extremely rapid fire, more than 10 fire engines to rescue. Fortunately, after the timely fighting, the fire was soon completely extinguished. According to the Guangzhou fire and the school, the accident did not casualties. The current cause of the fire is intensifying the investigation. Dormitory suddenly ignited the fire fire dormitory is Huannong Huashan District 13 dormitory 107 rooms, yesterday afternoon reporters came to the dormitory, from the outside you can see the accident dormitory entrance and the surrounding walls have been burned, blackened Of the traces of the dormitory balcony was also used to live with a large cloth. Living in the side of the dormitory Zhang students said the incident when he just went out to the canteen to eat, after knowing the fire he rushed back to the dormitory to see, the fire is burning, "did not go, the firemen have come "From the witnesses to provide live video reporter saw the big group flames from the 107 room jump out, the scene some appalling. No casualties to be investigated students told reporters, because the fire burned the line, next to the 108 room students have to move away temporarily. Reporters interviewed, students back to 107 to take things, the reporter saw the dormitory a messy, serious damage, as for other internal circumstances, the students do not want to say, took a few pieces left. Reporters learned from the Guangzhou fire department, the police dispatched six fire squadrons, a total of 12 fire engines, more than 80 officers and men to the scene disposal, involving dormitory building area of ​​20 square meters, burning area of ​​20 square meters, the main burning bedding , No casualties. According to the Huannong student work department informed that the day 5:55 pm completely extinguished; fire, the dormitory 6 people are not in the dormitory, the dormitory items were burned, no casualties, the cause of the fire is being investigated.

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